It’s difficult to survive in the city of Telios and obtain enough credits to escape from Zone C. To help the citizen to make credits quicker they created the Battle Arenas where 4 teams of 4 players will fight. Winners will obtain “teliums” and good amount of credits.

It’s a Battle Royale where teams start randomly in one of 4 stages with different climate biomes (jungle, swamp, desert, or urban ruins). You can find weapons and resources throughout these stages that you will need to face other groups. Many of the resources found are protected by the stages’ different defense mechanisms. Players must travel through these regions in the shortest time possible to reach the central dome where they will face other teams. Basically, in this game mode, you must fight for your survival and escape alone or with your team from these combat arenas.

Multiplayer is not the same as the “history mode” (Campaign), it’s an independent game, but it’s related.

When you win any battle royal you will obtain money (Teliums), credits and skins that you will be able to take it to the history mode (campaign) and vice-versa.

Major mechanics:

  • The first player to escape the dome wins. You can win individually without relying on your teammates or by working with them.
  • Victory can be achieved through group or individual strategies.
  • You can choose a primary class and a secondary class for each match.
  • During the match, you can change between these different classes.
  • Each match has a set time limit, if no team or player can get out of the dome, victory is given to the player or team with the highest height reached
  • In the combat dome when you die you are penalized with height, be returned to the ground level.


Players will have the ability to have 2 roles in each match, a primary one and a secondary one. These roles may alternate freely throughout the match. However, this change will be penalized for a time penalty of 5 minutes.


This role is oriented to the protection of the team and of oneself, equipped with an armor that increases its resistance, stamina, and health statistics. It is a crucial element in designing strategies to capture targets and win battles against the other squads.

Main skills:

  • Generation of individual and team shields.
  • Improved life regeneration.
  • Use of heavy weaponry.


It is a role that focuses on survival using unique abilities that allow them to heal teammates and themselves. Key in the development of combat strategies as it assures the squads’ survival, increasing the success rate in battles.

Main skill

  • Ability to heal allies and itself.
  • Decreased time penalty for ability use.
  • Use of lightweight weapons with great utility but with lower damage.


This role deals constant damage through the use of all sorts of weapons with different effects. They are a weapon master able to use the appropriate tool of destruction for every moment.

Main skills:

Use of all kinds of damage weaponry.
Better mobility, agile, fast, and fearless.
Uses tactical tools in battle.


Focused on generating large amounts of damage, usually dealing critical damage to enemies and targets. Its damage skill needs to be charged and uses a large number of resources. This role is critical in team fights because your special ability can set a match in your favor.

Main skills:

  • Use of weapons that take time to recharge, resulting in a shot that inflicts great damage
  • Improved Mobility
  • Tactical Range Tools for battle


An all-around role that allows players to break the rules of the game by granting the possibility to exchange the main and secondary roles at all times in exchange for reduced power.

Main skills:

  • Ability to change classes at any time with decreased strength
  • Unique gaming experience, highlighting your strategic potential.
  • Ability to be relevant at any time during the game.